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Exceptional loop.

You never disappoint, Boogley.
But I must ask, how did you get the background to move like so in accordance to the skeleton? Are they layers?

TheBoogley responds:

nope, it's a trick I used in illustrator to offset the lines. It's a secret, shhh :3


Really. Excellent work. You're quite a patient animator, putting so much detail and effort into your work. The music matched perfectly with the simple smiles and overall fluidity this animation portrays.

Great, great job.

I love your sense of humor.

From top to bottom, this is a masterpiece. The animation is of the highest quality possible, the use of the tentacles is beyond creative (holy shit), and the furry reference at the end cracked me up.

You have an amazing talent making these animations, while still maintaining a /b/tard personality :3

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The Best

This is the best tutorial out there. All the other ones make no sense whatsoever, but this keeps on the same track and explains everything in English instead of shit like {54 - #23>> r3@548-34(6yuu) {
So thanx for the great help :D

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In between, but not bad

Certain parts had annoying draw backs, but the majority of it had very good texture and great little tunes. It also gave the impression of the space-like atmosphere, which matched your title nicely.

All in all, I enjoyed it very much. The beat stayed steady, it was easy on the ears, and the rhythm was addicting. The only poor parts were the high pitched "screams" that seemed to look for a key to stop on. At these points, the sound was somewhat stopped and restarted in my opinion. You want it to keep flowing throughout the entire song.

But despite those parts, you did a nice job on this one. I liked it a lot.
Then again, there's hardly anything I don't like by you.

WritersBlock responds:

Yeah, I know what you mean. When I finished this, I wasn't 100% happy with it, but I didn't know what to change or where to go, so I left it.
Thanks man. ;D


So simple, yet so good. The speed of it goes well with everything else occurring around it. The extremely quick notes towards the end were superb, and mixed well with the whip-like beat in the background. It kinda reminded me of a sonic game for some reason.

Every sound in this one was very appealing to the ears and had their own uniqueness. I also liked the wave of sound that went in and out at certain parts of the song. I can tell you worked hard on it :D

This song pumped me up and is really fun to listen to. AND HERE'S THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY REVIEW: You did a great job with this one because you took the beat from your last piece and put your original and previous tunes on top of the repetitive beat. And the repetitive beat blended so well with everything else going on that it didn't seem repetitive at all.

I can't think of anything bad about this one. 10/10

Happy Valentine's Day.

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks! I wrote it specifically for a particular game, in which the music had to be sync'ed up to certain actions. It was fun to make, and while I had certain aspects of the song I had to include, I felt like I could do a lot creatively with the loop. It's good to hear from you again. Thanks for the 10!
Many hugs. Happy V-day indeed.

Oh snap.

I loved Bukkake Udon, but didn't like Ballad of Chuck Norris. But this has ruled it out. You have tipped the fucking scales with this one!

astroninja responds:

THANK YOU! I wrote back to you in your sexy soaped up inbox! :)

Please check out the album at www.cdbaby.com/astroninja!
Just $7.99, cheaper than it takes to buy an ironing board, more affordable than eating at a fast food joint, and the music will last you forever :)

Help us afford to go to your country and tour!!! :)


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I especially love the art.

Fuckin A man.

I'm not really a huge comic fan myself, but I gotta say, very good sculpture here.
I love the detail and the overall smoothness. Well done :D

Punisher responds:

ty (:


I love how much detail and work you put into your art. This one I feel stands out especially because of the way to left no background space whatsoever. The designs kept going and going, all of magnificent quality.

Also, it reminds me so much of the Menomena album: Friend or Foe.

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